Roadmaps of Change

“Roadmaps” is designed to do just that … create a “Roadmap” for you and your family.  A path through the struggles you are facing.  

How?  We want to help primarily through relationships.  If accepted into the program, you will begin meeting with a mentor on a consistent basis to talk about the things you are dealing with in your life.  He/She will be there to listen and help you figure out what you would like to see changed.  Together, you will identify how to go about fixing the struggles you might be facing

Shared Blessings will be looking to help you on an on-going basis.  Month by month, as you continue in the program, you are going to know that someone is there to help you with …

  • A Listening ear
  • Advice for many different situations
  • Financial Help –bills or other needs
  • New friends and support
  • Help facing hardship

If you are interested in our Roadmap program or know someone that potentially would be, contact us at 918-423-8624.  

"Shared Blessings has helped us in a really hard time in life. They were kind and made us feel welcomed. We are so grateful for all of their help."

- Cindy W.